Keeping Consistent Exercising Daily

Getting started is just the first part of exercise. So many people take the first step because they get really pumped after watching a cool movie or their friends push them into it, but then after a day or two they lose all their momentum.

The hardest part with exercise is keeping consistent.  The true fitness fanaticsare the ones that make fitness part of their daily life, not just part of their routine but part of their life.

If you want to change your appearance you have to change your attitude and your personality.  This means if you want to start losing weight, sometimes you are going to have to act like a snob when someone offers to take you out to Micky Ds.

Actually you don’t have to act like a snob you can just say “no thank you, I don’t feel like poisoning my body today”. Don’t worry they will totally understand, and this is also a really good way to avoid alcohol or illegal drugs.

Saying no to specific things is called building natural aversions, and at first it will be hard like breaking a habit but within 21 days, if you keep consistent, you will have no problem avoiding bad foods.  There is more to fitness then just avoiding the bad.

You are also going to have to keep yourself pumped as much as possible.  Make it a point to tell yourself your goals for the day first thing when you wake up in the morning.

Before you even get out of bed tell yourself what you plan on doing.  Hopefully this will keep you from getting sidetracked.

Invest in a calendar and a big red marker, and for every day that you exercise mark the calendar with a big X.  That way you can see your accomplishments, or if you have been slacking you will begin to see a growing gap between Xs.

This is a great way to remind yourself that you need to keep consistent with your work outs. Of course it is hard to stay motivated when there are no rewards, so reward yourself.

This doesn’t mean go gamble in Vegas because you lost ten pounds.  Instead reward yourself by showing yourself what you have done.

Take a before picture and every few weeks take an after picture.  You will undoubtedly start seeing result with time, and if that doesn’t motivate you to work harder than nothing will.