Losing Weight: Ditching Diets for Good

So admit it, you have probably either tried or considered going on a diet at some point in your life.  Diets are a popular way for people to go about losing weight.  Often times we can see the effects of diets on TV or even among our friends and family.  The problem is, dieting is not the solution for real weight loss.

SPOILER ALERT: The simple formula for losing weight lies in a healthy lifestyle, which means living a balanced life, not in starving yourself or completely avoiding a whole food group.

The honest truth is, most diets do not work.  Many times diets are far too specific to fit our lives.  You and I live dynamic lifestyles, things change, we live in different situations.  There’s no way that a diet can account for all the different variables that make up our lives.

 Let’s be honest, the first time I heard of the Atkin’s diet, I thought it was too good to be true!  Steak?  All the time?  That’s amazing.  Or even some of the other more famous diets such as the Cabbage Diet or the Hollywood Diet are pretty ridiculous.  Sure there are some diets that are actually a little more logical, but although these may help you lose temporary weight they are not healthy, you are not losing weight in a healthy way.

What kind of feeling do you get when you slip up on your diet?  It’s not a good one.  In cases like that, those kinds of feelings could actually be counterproductive.  They are depressing and do not help you at all.

As the spoiler mentions, the bottom line is, you are much better off developing a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise, healthy diet (and by diet I mean not overeating, but eating a balanced diet), and sleeping right.  All of these factors will not only help you look better, but you will feel better as well.  Aim to be healthy, not to lose weight.