Music Benefits Weight Loss

Running is a very effective way to lose weight, but the problem is if you do not run for more than thirty minutes then you are not going to see any fat loss.  You see there are calories that are burned from the foods and then there are the calories that are stored in fat, and if you want to burn fat calories you have to burn through food calories.

Getting down to fat deposits takes about 30 minutes, which conveniently is close to the same length of a carefully created playlist of your favorite songs. The best part about this funny little coincidence is that music is the perfect stimulant to promote running, well, depending on the type of music.

There have been a lot of scientific studies showing that music can raise one’s awareness.  According to the research there are four different levels of conscious brain functioning: beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

Delta and theta are the frequencies that brain emits when very sleepy or totally unconscious.  Alpha is the frequency emitted when one is relaxed, and beta is the frequency that resonates when someone is focused and energized on a specific endeavor.

Different songs resonate at different frequencies as well.  And when you hear those songs you naturally want to resonate on the same level of the song, so motivating songs make you want to move and relaxing songs make you relaxed.

Without scientific research this knowledge is kind of assumed.  It makes sense that if you are listening to music you will be more motivated to act out in the way the music sounds.

Now that it is both assumed and also scientifically proven, how do you draw a correlation between music and running for weight loss? The answer is as simple as it sounds. Make a playlist to run to.

Pick ten of your favorite songs that are all anywhere from three to four minutes long.  Invest in some comfortable, quality headphones and start running to the playlist you made.

You can even put in some rest songs to walk to in the midst of your jog.  This makes jogging and running a very enjoyable experience and it actually makes it much easier to run too.

Experiment with different types of music, and see what gets you moving.  There are other ways to distract yourself from working out, like television, aerobic groups, or just a personal buddy to motivate you.

About the author: Jessica Staheli is a health and fitness nut. She loves to write about being healthy and getting in shape because she believes that taking care of your body is important. Having fitness equipment in your home is a great way to remind yourself to exercise, and she recommends for help with choosing a treadmill. You can follow her at Google+.