Prevent Boredom with this Treadmill Interval Challenge!

What is the point of treadmill intervals or interval training in general? For many, it is the simple fact that it can prevent boredom mid treadmill workout. We all know how boring a treadmill workout can be; Where we just stare at the time and watch the miles crawl slowly by. So, luckily adding some intervals in there somewhere will definitely spice up your routine.

Besides the boredom-proof aspect, intervals can be extremely beneficial to your training by improving speed and endurance. These two factors alone are great reasons to start adding intervals into your workout regimen! But…if you insist, I will give you one more excellent reason: more calorie burn (hallelujah!).

So, now that you are all inspired to do work, I’d like to present this infographic I created to illustrate one of the greatest treadmill interval routines out there. Unfortunately, I was not the inventor of this information! This routine actually comes from famous fitness trainer, Jay Blahnik. He invented it for the exact mentioned reasons above: to prevent boredom and burn 300 calories in 30 minutes! So, if you’re ready to bust your butt and burn some calories, take this Boredom-Proof treadmill interval challenge:

Simply read the minutes, adjust the incline and speed, and add the activity for even more challenge to get the best results from this workout!