Reasons to Stop Putting Exercise Off

So I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m not the most consistent when it comes to exercising during the week. I’d be lucky to one day in, and let’s face it; it can be really hard to find the time. There are so many different commitments and activities that we find ourselves involved in, exercising seems like something only people with lots of free time have the time to do. This, however, is a thought that needs to change.

When it comes to getting regular cardio and strength training exercise, it seems many of us simply put those things on the backburners. However, when truly understood, exercise and simply getting the body out and about is so vital to our daily lives. Yes, it’s about more than just simply losing weight or looking slim, it’s a matter of life and death.

First of all, regular exercise will keep those pounds off. Yes, I did say that it was more than about losing weight, but this is a big factor in what exercise can do for us. Exercise can keep us at a normal and healthy weight. Enough said.

Exercising is also a great way to boost mood. Have you ever had days where you are just feeling a little down or even a little angry? Well physical activity stimulates certain chemicals in the brain which will leave you happier and more relaxed.

Exercising promotes better sleep; let’s face it, days when you feel like you have just been lazy all day never feel good come bed time. Exercise helps the body by not only making it easier to get to sleep but deepening sleep as well.

Finally, the most obvious, yet perhaps the most widely overlooked or misunderstood is the fact that regular exercise puts you at a lower risk for health problems. Regular exercise decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, metabolic syndrome, type two diabetes, depression, certain types of cancer, and arthritis.

It’s time to start moving exercise from the “I’ll do if I have time” list to the “I’ll do as soon as possible list.” This will not only make a huge difference in your day, but will relatively increase life expectancy. No more excuses! Get out and get exercising now!