Ridiculously High Speed Treadmills

Most treadmills can get up to 12 maybe 13 mph.  And that is typically as fast as most people would want to run. These super-high-speed treadmills by Athletic Republic can get up 28 mph with a 40 degree incline!

To illustrate how fast 28 mph is you have to understand that no one has ever run that fast, ever.  The fastest recorded run was 27.79 mph as seen in the 100 meter dash back in January of 2011, achieved by Usain Bolt — fitting last name, no?. Now that is a highly anaerobic exercise.  After one hundred meters the legs would be spent.

Running is popular because of its cardio benefit.  However, running at 28 mph is going to work out the heart about as much as a bench press will, not a lot.  Sprints are anaerobic exercises that burn all the muscles retained energy all at once.

The fastest aerobic run is about 15 mph, which equates to a 4 minute mile.  Running at this speed, if you are a professionally trained athlete, will test the limit of your heart.  Aerobic exercises work the heart, strengthening their ability to pump blood throughout the body.  These are the type of exercises that increase basal energy and endurance.

Needless to say, these treadmills are not a practical option for most people.  Trainers say though, for athletes it is a great way to train muscle memory.  By speeding up the running matt underneath the trainee, the legs are forced to move at rates they have never moved at before.  –Yes, this seems like it might be dangerous (refer to Huffington’s latest treadmill post).

Experts say that forcing the legs to move faster than they are used to will improve running technique, like stride and flat feet.  So pushing your limits on the treadmill could actually self-correct your bio-mechanics.

These treadmills are used for short intense exercise, and are monitored by professional trainers that will keep you from pushing it too hard.  In front of the super-high-speed treadmill there is a mirror and a monitor, so that the runner can get instant feedback on how to improve their arm drive, elbow drive, knee drive and so forth.

After stepping off the treadmill and running on a flat plain.  Runners reportedly state that their stride feels longer and smoother.

Blog posted by -Thom Valadez