Running like a Super Hero

If you are new to indoor or outdoor running, then you probably aren’t aware that your new exercise hobby has the potential to make you look like a super hero. And since running is one of the best natural ways to release endorphins into your blood stream, you might even feel like a super hero after you finish your treadmill workouts.

Running gear is basically functional and is designed to reduce wind resistance, compress over-exerted muscles, provide visibility when running out doors, and to keep the runner dry and comfortable. However, the form that has followed that function is extremely different than everyday casual-wear.

One of the biggest differences between regular wear and running clothing is the material used. Running clothing is usually made of synthetic polymers that are designed to wick moisture away from the body of the runner so that there is less friction on the runner’s skin and therefore, much less chaffing and overheating.

In addition, runners often wear compression shorts and similar tops that are tight against their skin, making them look like a Super Man aficionado. ?As odd as these garments might be, it is very useful for runners to avoid lose clothing that can catch wind and hold them back.

Treadmill users don’t have the same need for streamlined running clothing, but since these runners still need to stay dry and comfortable while they are running, they will often wear the same bizarre clothing for running indoors that they would if they were running outside.

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