Running on a treadmill in high heels

If you have ever complained about your feet hurting after a treadmill run, you can stop now. US Magazine posted a picture today of Leann Rimes running on a treadmill…in high heels! We don’t recommend you go out and try this, but if you really want your feet and everything else to hurt after your next treadmill run, then by all means, follow her example. (see picture here)

It should be mentioned that this was simply the grand opening of her neighborhood’s LA Fitness Club and she wasn’t actually doing a full workout. More of a celebrity photo shoot type of thing. I’m sure she didn’t run long in those high heels. At least I sure hope not.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been following the construction and development of a new website in the online treadmill review space and it looks like it is finally finished. I’ve browsed a few of the reviews and ratings and it is pretty impressive.

So if you want to go welcome the newcomer to the world of treadmills online, head on over to Treadmill Review Guru and leave a comment or something. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind hearing from you. Not quite the variety in reviews that we have here, but still more than the average site. If you want a second opinion, it’s a good place to go.