Swimming Is Also Good Exercise

Everyone knows running on a treadmill is a good way to get some exercise. But one reason a workout program like P90X works so well is because of a principle they call “muscle confusion.”

The idea behind muscle confusion is that as you workout, over time your muscles get used to the workouts you do. So if you run on a treadmill everyday, pretty soon your muscles get used to running everyday so they don’t workout as much each day.

There are two ways to combat this if you are a fellow treadmill lover. First, try doing interval training on your treadmill. This increases and decreases the speed during a 30 minute workout and also increase and decreases the incline. It keeps the workout varied which is good. You could even try running sideways or backwards on your treadmill.

The second thing you can do is change your workout. My favorite thing to do when I’m not running is to go for a swim. I enjoy swimming because it truly is a full body workout but isn’t too strenuous. I feel great when I’m done and it helps me get more out of my treadmill workouts when I throw in a good swim one or two times each week.

To better illustrate the benefits of swimming and to help you share with others the benefits of swimming, we have created this helpful infographic below. You can embed it on your own site or easily share it via social media with the buttons below. We hope you find this information useful and be sure to spread the word!