The Anatomy Of The Power-Walk, Maximizing Form & Function

Many people have realized the benefits of power walking.Though less intense than running, it is easier on joints, helps build endurance, and is the perfect solution for people who experience asthma or other ailments associated with exercise. But how do you know you are getting the very best results possible from your efforts?

It doesn’t take a personal trainer to get you started, and you don’t need any fancy equipment. There are a few simple ways you can maximize your calorie burn and improve the health benefits through monitoring your form and function.

Pick Up The Speed

If you really want to increase your calorie burn you need to get your heartbeat thrumming. The best way to do that is by picking up your speed; going faster, even a little bit, will make your body work harder.

A fitness watch can give you your average speed, but if you don’t have one it isn’t a problem. Just make sure you are still able to speak, albeit with a little difficulty, and you are maintaining a good pace.

Pump Those Arms

In addition to walking faster you can move your body more. Your arms should never be rigidly at your side when you power walk because it not only takes away a chance to increase heart rate, but it could cause strain in the back and shoulders that lead to discomfort or injury.

Try swinging them at a 90 degree angle while you walk, pumping back and forth in time with your steps.

Add In Weights

Have you seen those tiny hand weights that only weigh around two pounds? They are pretty useless for most workouts but not if you are wanting to add some resistance to a walk. These babies are great because you can either hold them in your hands, or you can pop them into a bag to settle on your body.

Just two 2-lb weights can add a new dimension to your workout that burns up to 20% more calories.

Try Some Hills

Really want to take things to the next level? Then try an uphill power walk! It will burn up to five times more calories when you walk on an incline, whether outside or on a treadmill, while helping you work muscles that aren’t used during a normal walk. The combination of speed plus incline is one of the best ways you can get the most out of every walk.