There is no Replacing Exercise

One of the biggest gimmicks that has ever hit (or missed) the map of personal fitness states that one can lose weight, and even less believably, gain muscle mass without making any effort to exercise. There are several reasons why this claim is false.

The concept of weight loss has different implications for different people. For an overweight couch potato, weight loss implies dropping down to a healthy weight as well as a healthy body mass index.

There are, however, plenty of people who would claim to be overweight when they are actually at or, more likely, under a healthy body weight. The process for losing weight after reaching a reasonably healthy weight has nothing to do with personal health but rather a lack thereof.

When a person is trying to lose weight to reach a healthy target weight they will likely deal with the three factors of exercise, diet, and supplements. Exercise and diet are by far the two most important but there are still valid reasons that an individual would need to take diet supplements as part of the process of healthy weight loss.

It should also be noted that supplements are, as the derived name implies, supplementary. To supplement something means to be in addition to the basics that are already in place; in the process of healthy weight loss, the supplements will need to be in addition to the basics of exercise and diet.

The first factor, exercise, will probably take more of a front-seat focus for the individual. Exercising is a lifestyle habit that needs work, so individuals will usually benefit from taking their decision to exercise seriously.

Diets though, will often require more of a lifestyle change than exercising. Since exercising is more of an active effort to lose weight, some people will undervalue the effects of dieting; dieting properly could prove to have the most significant impact in a weight loss process when all the efforts are made sincerely and in balance with each other.

Exercising, then, should be part of the daily routine. Successful regimens could include running on a treadmill before getting ready for work, a nightly jog with the dog, or bike riding on the weekends and exercising at the gym during the week days.

For an exercise regimen to be effective it should be regular. Diets should also be well balanced and regular in nature if one wishes to lose weight.