Treadmill Etiquette

Regardless of owner status, every treadmill user should read up on treadmill etiquette. Gym goers who share space, time, and equipment with others should be especially keen to apply these basic principles to treadmill workouts.

Etiquette rule #1) Keep your treadmill sanitary. If there is any doubt about the sanitation of an available treadmill, feel free to wipe it down before your workout.

Do your part to keep the treadmills clean by not leaving trash or tissues in the cup holders and always be sure to wipe the control panel off after.

Couples or roommates who share a home treadmill will likely be less worried about germs and personal items left with the treadmill. However, there is no need to let a treadmill grime up with sweat stains; treadmills should be cleaned regularly to maintain sanitation and peak performance.

Etiquette rule #2) Exercisers should be aware of their running style and make sure that they are not causing distracting noises on the treadmills. Even though treadmills can be noisy, and many exercisers listen to music as they run, running too much on the balls of the feet will make a loud and obnoxious noise.

Runners who hold onto the handles or who are accustomed to running far forward on the track could also cause distracting noise by hitting the plastic frame with every step. Even home treadmill users should be mindful of the noise.

Etiquette for gym-goers: Return incline-treadmills to their neutral position. Inexperienced exercisers might be unaware that treadmills have an incline option and have a hard time with the extra slope.

Also, some treadmills will cause a lot of sound if they need to be worked on.  Exercisers should avoid using treadmills that appear to be in disrepair since they could cause personal injury at worst and obnoxiously loud noises at best.