Treadmills And Apartments: How To Fit Your Treadmill In Tight Spaces

If you live in a major city, space is a luxury. As much as we think we can’t fit another thing inside our apartment, we always find a way. If you’ve been considering a treadmill but are hesitating because of space, we’re here to help you find room.

Treadmill Options

Before you start looking in your apartment’s space, choose a few treadmill options. Consider the following performance specs while browsing:

  • Incline/Decline
  • Foldable
  • Cushioning
  • Price
  • Display

Once you decide on your needs, it’s time to shop around. On each Nordic Track treadmill page, click specifications and review “Footprint” to get the measurements of that specific treadmill.  The Nordic Track site lets you compare up to five treadmills at once. The more options you have the greater chance you have of being happy with your selection. Once you know the general size of each it’s time for the next step.

Take Measurements

As your apartment space is now, you should measure any open space and see if you can slide a treadmill in without any additional work. Maybe all you need is a slight nudge of a few pieces of furniture to get that extra inch or two you desperately need. If you can, then you’re all set and should finalizing your treadmill choice next.


If space isn’t available as is, it’s time to redesign. If you haven’t purchased new furniture lately, chances are your space has had the same look for over a year. Treadmills definitely count as furniture and if you don’t immediately have space available, this can be time to rearrange your décor. Treadmills all have the same general shape. Step back and decide where you want to place it. Maybe in front of a window to catch a breeze and some sun. Or maybe facing your television. Make your treadmill the staple piece of furniture and design around it. Make the space and confirm your measurements. This guarantees it fits and allows you to have some fun and give your apartment a new look and feel.

Decision Time

You’ve taken measurements and you’ve moved anything that was holding you back. Now it’s time to decide on a treadmill.  Head back to the treadmill comparison page and review your selections. Anything that won’t fit, you can ‘X’ out the screen. Once you get rid of the larger treadmills, you should hopefully have at least 2 to choose from. If you only have one, you’re lucky enough to avoid being stuck making a tough decision.

Once you decide on the space, your needs and price range, your treadmill is ready for you. Get ready to workout, rain, sleet or shine and never miss a day of training.