Treadmills at Work

It is called the Trekdesk.  It is intended to turn your sedentary office job into a light cardio exercise.  AccountingWeb, the world’s leading online information resource for the accounting industry, reported on the new trekdesk trend saying, “It’s a great way to stay in shape while at work.”

The trekdesk is a full-sized work station made to fit around any treadmill.  It comes complete with a manuscript holder, a file folder with three different levels, and a top stand that holds phones and headsets.

So far legal and financial professionals are the first to start working with the new desk made for treadmills.  CEO of TrekDesk says, “It’s no surprise that they would adopt they idea first, they are industries full of intelligent, independent, entrepreneurial types that can recognize the science and practicality of the TrekDesk.”

And, it is very practical.  Most people struggle to fit their exercise in sometime before or after work.  Cindy Mayhak, as reported by AccountingWeb, is planning to log more than 1,250 miles on her treadmill, and she plans to do this all at work.  There really isn’t anything more practical than working out while still at work.

Physical exercise has been shown to actually improve work productivity as well.  When people start exercising they increase their blood flow, and with this increased blood flow comes a heightened awareness and mental acuity. So, exercising at work, it turns out it is practical and productive.

Not to mention all the positive health benefits that come with exercise.  On average sitting burns just around 70 calories an hour, but walking at a leisurely pace burns just around 130 calories, almost double the calories.  And, that is just walking at a pace at which office work is still performable.  If you want you can easily put down the phone any time during the day and turn up the speed to a more challenging pace.

Walking around all day is going to be hard for some people, but CEO Steve Boardley has thought of everything.  There is an exercise ball attachment that comes as a seat. So if you need to take a break from your walking while you’re working, you can.