Triathlon Training at Home – Pushing Treadmills to the Limit

Triathlons are pretty serious business. They take a ton of stamina, self discipline, and an impressive amount of endurance. We want to focus on indoor, treadmill training to improve your overall endurance for running, biking, and swimming. Have you considered all the ways you can train for a triathlon from home using this one piece of workout equipment?


It stands to reason that you will have to push your limits to get race ready. As much as you push your body, your treadmill must also be pushed to the limit as well. This means you will have to use the incline and decline feature, and alternate your speed. Although there will be a long stretch where you run at a steady pace, you will also need to step on the accelerator to get through tough hill climbs and pass other racers.

ProForm treadmills come equipped with various workout options. The Boston Marathon model, in particular, gives you a program specific to the actual Boston Marathon race. You can even watch actual video of the course while you push through your workout.

If you have another model, see what programs it has available. Certain models come equipped with iFit technology, such as the Pro 9000, Sport 9.0 S, Sport 12.0 ST and Boston Marathon 3.0 and 4.0. Using iFit allows you to select programs specific to various locations. All you need to do is plug in a destination and the treadmill will automatically react by changing speed, incline and time intervals.


Remember that you are training on a treadmill but running your race outdoors. There is a different feel to both modalities. The treadmill will get you in shape from a distance and cardiovascular perspective, but make sure to get some time running outside too. There are certain variables that the treadmill can’t produce like wind speed, unstable terrain and temperature.

Since you will be pushing your treadmill hard during your training, make sure to do regular routine maintenance. Check the belt tension every few weeks, make sure the belt is always well lubricated, wipe off the machine after every use and make sure you do not allow dust to collect near the motor.

Training for a triathlon can be a life-changing experience. Have fun with it and pace yourself, literally. As long as you follow the right procedure, you can make it to the end without any snags.