Turn off the Television

There is a very interesting phenomenon that seems to inundating popular media nowadays, and that is an obsession with having a perfect body. Of course the phrase perfect body itself is completely subjective and is largely influenced by advertisements, movies, and music. 

Everybody seems to be searching for that Holy Grail of fitness, between the different weight loss supplements, diets, and even the different programs that are available. Some people dedicate a large portion of their life searching after that dream or vision of what an attractive person should look like. 

However, there is a problem with this kind of body worship, it is unrealistic and sets people up for failure and low self-esteem. It is the catalyst for many different emotional problems and can be one factor that pushes people to surgically alter their bodies or alter develop problems such as bulimia or anorexia. 

It seems like people just aren’t satisfied with the body they have been given because the advertisements on television tell them what they should be looking like, and oftentimes what the TV says and what the mirror says are two different things. 

There is a large portion of how a person looks that is determined by genetics. Some people’s genetics will make it is so they are inclined to look a certain way. Undoubtedly, although it seems like there are so many models with perfect figures and perfect features, there is a rigorous selection process and perhaps even more applicants who have been denied. 

Sometimes it is best for people to simply turn off the television and be satisfied with what they have. Of course not every feature of a person’s body is going to be like all those models in the media. If that was the case, we would all look the same and there would be no diversity. 

Now, that is not an excuse to become unhealthy and scarf down as many donuts as possible, on the contrary, it is a call to know the true worth of a body. The most important factor in becoming fit is not the out appearance, but the inner feeling. If a person is fit, they will definitely feel it and so will those around them, because it will be radiated in the way that they talk and interact with other people. 

Sure, not everybody is going to look like a super model after having tried to keep up a regular habit of exercising and proper diet, but everybody does have the potential to feel great and reach a natural weight and body image. This is what makes everyone unique.