What is the Relation between Exercise and Sleep

Such is the competition in these modern days, that there is no time left with us to look after our health. The pressure we have to deal daily in our profession is affecting the quality of sleep at night. The result, we feel tired, sleepy and are not able to give our best. We are also way back from the deadlines. Many things are contributing to this problem. It may be the struggle to balance the life between family and work, or giving up   unhealthy eating habits. Today, inadequate or poor quality of sleep has become an epidemic that 7 out of 10 are complaining about lack of sleep.

If you too have experienced problems with your sleep, it is time to look at the way you lead your life. You may be healthy, eating well and never been to the doctor’s yet. However, you are still not able to get sound sleep. Perhaps, you must have left exercise or the word never exists in your dictionary, until now. People who have been researching on sleep-disorder problems have found concrete relation between exercise and sleep. The findings they bumped on make them claim that people who exercise regularly or at least thrice a week get sound sleep than others who shy away from exercise. No matter what age you are, if you are exercising you will sleep well.

Now, you may wonder how exercise helps in sleeping properly. A tired body and mind sleeps well is the age-old thinking that holds true even during these days. When you exercise, the muscles and tissues have more labor work to do. Your heart beats faster and it pumps in and out more blood and oxygen. The endorphins released by the brain at the time of exercise helps the nervous system to relax.  However, the body may take some hours to relax. So, what is the best time for exercise so that you do not feel tired at work and get good-quality sleep.

If you go by the benefits, exercising any time of the day is good for your health. However, the researchers believe that exercising during the morning time is excellent if you are concerned about quality sleep. It eliminates problems that  cause lack of sleep. Depression could be the reason behind lack of sleep.  Exercise helps to release endorphins, which fight depression. It also helps to maintain constant temperature within your body. Further, It will mobilize and synchronize the effects of irregular sleep time.  Lastly, the function of the immune system is enhanced due to increase in cytokines.

In addition, exercise can also help in controlling your weight. If you get used to exercise, you will never need any sleeping pills or medications to overcome depression problems. In spite of this if you still find the need to take medications, go in for natural remedies as mentioned at sleepaidnatural.com. The natural methods or a little lifestyle changes combined with proper exercise will get you the desired sleep without any side effects.