Where should I buy my treadmill online?

Let me just say this first and foremost: don’t buy used treadmills. The number one place most people check for a treadmill is Craig’s List. If you buy a used treadmill, you really don’t know what you are getting. You have no idea how that treadmill was used.

But there is something you are definitely not getting, and that’s the warranty. So if anything happens to your treadmill you’re on your own. Not a great place to be.

Ideally, you want to buy your treadmill new and you want to buy it from the manufacturer. You can get NordicTrack or Sole at Sear’s, but why bother going through a retailer when they both sell directly to the public?

If you can’t buy from the manufacturer because they don’t sell to the public or maybe went out of business, then a treadmill retailer is perfectly fine. I would start by going through places that specifically deal in fitness equipment, such as Treadmill World(or Powerhouse Fitness if you are in the UK).

Of the big name retailers, you will want to focus on those in the athletic space first, such as Dick’s or Sports Authority. They know the world of fitness better than a we-sell-everything type of store like Sear’s or Walmart.

I would probably avoid Amazon because you’re likely to get hit with shipping charges. Most manufacturers and retailers provide free shipping, so these fees can be avoided and should be if you can help it.

If you remember nothing else, just remember that buying a used treadmill from Craig’s List is a bad idea. Just about anything is better than that.

And don’t forget, in some of our reviews you will see links directly to the manufacturer that will help you save some money too, so yet another good reason to buy direct.