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Treadmill Review

The Body-Solid Endurance T50 treadmill is not a treadmill that will appeal to most people looking for a treadmill. It is predominately marketed as a walking treadmill for those who are rehabilitating. However, it is very underpowered, especially considering its price. In Treadmill Reviews’ opinion, the T50 treadmill does not offer enough features or comfort to justify its asking price.


Body-Solid lists the T50 for $1,425.

The T50 Is Built For Users who:

  • Have poor vision - Most of the console on the T50 is given over to the 3 LED screens so those who have poor eyesight can easily track their progress.
  • Need assistance when walking - Handlebars extend the length of the T50 treadmill deck. This gives extra assistance while using this treadmill. There is also a small ramp at the end of the T50, so there is no need to take a large step up.
  • Are recuperating from injury - The belt on the T50 is an orthopedic belt, which will support users who are recuperating from injuries. Also, this treadmill will only reach 5 MPH, so users aren’t tempted to go faster.

Why The T50 earned 1.5 stars

The deficiencies in the build and features on the T50 leaves it even less powerful than the best budget treadmills, yet costing much more than a budget treadmill.

  • Meager specs on treadmill - From the small 1.5 HP motor to the lack of folding and incline, the T50 has next to no specs to recommend it to consumers.
  • Poor build quality - While the full-length treadmill arms and entry ramp for step assistance are helpful features for those unsteady on their feet, the overall quality of the T50 is not high.
  • Underpowered treadmill features - There are next to no features on this treadmill and the ones that are available are not impressive.

Main Specs - 2/10

Specs “Quick Review”:

  • Motor Size: 1.5 HP
  • Running Area: 18.9 W x 53” L
  • Weight Capacity: 310
  • Folding: No
  • Footprint In Use (W, L, H): 29.5” x 77” x 53.5”
  • Incline Range: None
  • Max Speed: 5 MPH
  • Treadmill Best For: Walking
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 volts

Motor Size - The motor in this treadmill is 1.5 HP. While a very small motor, it actually works for this treadmill as it cannot reach over 5 MPH and has no incline range that needs a more powerful motor.

Running Area - With the long, full frame length handlebars emphasizing the small treadmill belt, the T50 treadmill belt measures 18.9 wide and 53” long.  

Weight Capacity - One of the ways the T50 meets average treadmill standards is its ability to hold a user who weighs up to 310 lbs.

Folding  - There is no folding capacity on this treadmill.

Space / Footprint -  The T50 measures 29.5” wide, 77” long, and 53.5” tall. You will need dedicated space for this treadmill, as it cannot fold when you do not need it. Also, the entry ramp adds 10 inches to the overall treadmill length, which changes the length measurement to 87”.

Max Speed - The treadmill’s max speed is 5 MPH. This is due to the fact that the T50 is listed as a walking treadmill. As there are no quick set speed buttons, you will have to scroll for the speed you want.

Incline - There is no incline range on the T50.

Features - 2/10

Features “Quick Review”

    • Display: 3 LED screens
    • PreInstalled Workout Apps: 1
    • Speakers: No
    • Fans: No
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact pulse handlebars
    • USB port: No
    • Audio Jack: No
    • Water bottle cubbies: Yes
    • Device holder: No

Workout Apps - The only workout program available on this treadmill is the manual function.  

Display - On the T50, the display is a group of 3 extra large LED screens, which can show the MPH or KPH traveled, user’s speed, calories burned, time elapsed, and heart rate.   

Speakers - There are no speakers on the T50.

Fans - There are no fans on this treadmill.

Heart Rate Monitoring - Contact pulse handlebar grips are on the T50. But like most handlebar heart rate monitors on treadmills, these grips are not very accurate.  

Other Tech Features
  • Safety key
  • Small device shelf

Build Quality - 3/10

T50 Review: Build Quality

  • Warranties - 6-month wear, 5-year parts, lifetime frame, 2-year electronics, 1-year parts.
  • Cushioning - Orthopedic belt
  • Customer Support - Phone, email
  • Return Policy - Dependent on seller

The warranty is one of the decent features on this treadmill. However, as Body-Solid does not sell the T50 directly to consumers, it is unknown how well the warranty will be honored.

Though we were not overly impressed with the build quality of the T50, especially as it cost just under $1,500, it does not overly affect the performance of this machine. Since the T50 can only reach 5 MPH, has no incline range and only a manual workout feature available, there is not much to strain the build of the T50.

As Body-Solid does not sell the T50 or any other piece of equipment directly to consumers, your return policy will depend on who you buy the T50 from.

Bottom Line Review Of The Body-Solid Endurance T50 Treadmill

From the research we’ve performed and the testing we’ve done on the T50 treadmill, we have determined that though the T50 is pitched as an orthopedic treadmill, we believe you would be better off with another treadmill. There are other treadmills under $1,000 which have better cushioning and more usability than the T50.

Best Place To Buy The Body-Solid Endurance T50 Treadmill

While we normally prefer to recommend buying through the direct producer of the treadmill, Body-Solid does not sell directly to consumers. You will have to work with third-party treadmill dealers. We recommend working with brick and mortar stores, as you can be sure they are authorized sellers and your warranties will be honored.