Best Fitness BFT2 Treadmill Review

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Best Fitness BFT2

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The Best Fitness BFT2 is similar to its cousin model, the Best Fitness BFT1. They have the same tread belt length of 17.75 x 51 inches, with a decent motor power of 1.25 CHP. The max user weight is a surprising 300 lbs, which is a good number considering the small motor. It is obvious that the Best Fitness may not have the best treadmill line out there, but if you are a beginner they may work perfectly for you.

The main differences between the BFT1 and the BFT2 are very slight. They’ve improved the treadmill slightly by increasing the max speed, adding some workout programs, and adding 5 blue LED displays. I’d say it is worth the extra dollar to upgrade to this particular model, considering it is only $100 more. It may be worth it in the long run and you will definitely get more of a workout.

As far as the features go, this treadmill offers basic incline, heart rate, speed, track, time, calories, and distance feedback. There are 10 quick speed and incline selection buttons. And last but not least, the treadmill comes with 9 quick start programs to keep your workout moving along. That’s about as far as the features go, and just like the BFT1, the BFT2 does not have a very decent warranty.


Basically, this treadmill will be a decent buy for the average user. If you do not run on the treadmill for hours on end and you do not use it heavily (running as hard as you can for hours), you should be fine. Keep in mind that the motor is not super powerful and this is why it may burn out quickly. So, I’d only recommend this treadmill to users who plan on using it 2-3 times a week with a walk or a light jog. Do not buy this treadmill if you want to train for a marathon. You would most definitely be disappointed.