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Bodyguard T460XC

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The Bodyguard T460XC is a very impressive treadmill, with Bodyguard’s most advanced console. It features 16 preset programs in three different categories (Basic, Cardio, and Advanced). The layout of the pulse reader makes for easy access to the buttons on the console, which is a good safety feature. This model has more features than any other bodyguard treadmill, but all of these extra features come at a price. Priced at $4,499 you may as well consider getting a commercial model machine. This is one of the most expensive home model treadmills you can buy, and because Bodyguard has specialized in lower priced models (around $2,000) for a long time, you may be better off going with a brand who has been in the higher price industry for a long time. It should be noted that the T460XC won the Fit-Prof Head of the Class award in 2011 for being the Best Residential Treadmill of the Year.

The running surface, at 22″ wide, is 2″ wider than any of Bodyguard’s other models. It also features a whisper orthopedic, which isn’t found on any of the lower Bodyguard models. It does not feature as many programming options as some other brands, but it can do more than any of Bodyguard’s other models. An X-frame with adjustable feet are some of its technical features. At a hefty 305 lbs, it is a very sturdy machine. A USB Port is found on the console, which can be used to charge your phone or music player while you work out, and can be used in the future to update any software that Bodyguard may release. The T460XC has a lifetime warrenty on its frame, motor, and parts which might help to account for the high price tag.


Before settling on the Bodyguard T460XC, be sure to check out a nice True Model, or a good Star Trac. These are the brands that have been producing treadmills that are available for this price for far longer than Bodyguard has. You may even want to check out some real commercial models. The price of this machine compared with comparable treadmills that you can get for less just doesn’t make it seem worth it.