CardioZone Commercial SuperSport Club II Non-Fold Treadmill Review

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CardioZone Commercial SuperSport Club II Non-Fold

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This is the ultimate treadmill for heavy weight individuals. It has the widest 62″ track compared to the other CardioZone treadmills and has a spacious length at 82″. It’s built with a solid steel frame and a heavy duty 4.0 hp motor to reliably handle a 500 lb individual. It has the ultimate benefit of a super sturdy, but shock absorbent deck and a lifetime warranty. It includes all the added bonus features of all the other CardioZone treadmills and includes the same awesome heart rate monitor, fat-burning analyzer, 15% incline for uphill challenges, speeds up to 12 mph, as well as the lifetime warranty. This is a health club quality commercial treadmill that is made to last and available for home use as well. It doesn’t fold up and is much better quality than many of the more flimsy non CardioZone treadmills. This one even includes handrails for any possible needed support. This one is made to last with high-quality parts and updated technology for a motivational and interesting workout; there are 14 programs available including tennis, golf, and basketball along with the fat-burning challenges, and fat calories burned.

Compared to the other CardioZone models, this one is the largest and costs the most. But it is much cheaper than similar non CardioZone treadmills that are priced up to $7,000. CardioZone costs under $2500, which is a killer deal for the world’s #1 top-rated treadmill in its class.