CardioZone Commercial SuperSport II Club Fold-Away Treadmill Review

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CardioZone Commercial SuperSport II Club Fold-Away

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Cardio Zone has developed a unique treadmill that compares in quality to the top treadmills used in spas, health clubs, and hotels. However, the price is just a fraction of the cost of the other treadmills on the market. You can pay up to $7,000 or make a better choice here for much less. The running deck is 3x thicker and more effective at absorbing shock, which is helpful for protecting your joints and back. The deck is also longer than most treadmills, which is beneficial for beginners and advanced runners. There is a newly developed heart rate sensor built in to some hand grips that monitor heart rate when held. This HR system will challenge you to your healthy heart rate limits and the treadmill will speed up naturally according to your personal ability. An added bonus is a free chest strap HR that will help you to keep your hands free. Then, you will benefit from a 3x greater fat-burning result. One special, convenient safety feature is a quick response of the machine to automatically speed up or slow down on command. There will be not be the usual 45 second wait and surprise change of speed when you’re not expecting it. This contributes to the safe and efficient use of the treadmill.

This CardioZone Commercial SuperSport II Club Fold-Away costs $200 more than the Light Commercial version. However, this one has the longer running deck. Both have the convenience for folding away when not in use or in transport. It has a large 4.00 HP motor and costs less than similar brands by 60%. CardioZone also offers a lifetime warranty making this a more dependable and economical choice. The Inst-Touch allows you to have instant control of speed and 15% incline, where other models have a 45 second wait.