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Fitnex T60

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The Fitnex T60 treadmill is currently the only treadmill Fitnex is offering. Don’t let this fool you into thinking they don’t know what they’re doing though. Fitnex has long been in the business of manufacturing fitness equipment for major names in the industry, but are just recently offering its direct product line straight to consumers.

The Fitnex T60 is going to come with many of the bells and whistles you are going to find in other treadmills of its kind. With 22 manual built-in programs, including progams such as: walking, running, cardio, fat burn, interval, and endurance; anyone is going to be able to find one fit for their needs. Fitnex T60 also includes an LED display consule to track your heart rate, calories burned, time, speed and distance. Comes equipped with a powerful 2.8 horsepower motor that can take you up to 10mph and 15% incline to give you the most from your workout. And an 8-Point Elastomer cushioning system to make your workout easier on the joints.

Fitnex does seem to know what they’re doing in making a strong and sturdy steel frame treadmill. Fitnex T60 is an upgrade from many of the other basic treadmills you come across now days.Yet they are asking a lot for a unknown treadmill company. If you are looking to get more bang for your buck, you might want to keep looking around. Treadmills such as the NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer, which is from a company with more of a reliable, well-know name yet for $1200 less. This treadmill is going to give you a 40% incline, which we all know walking on an incline makes for a better workout. As well as a built-in iFit live that is available on your touch screen consule.


Overall Fitnex has not been heard of much to really make a name for themselves. Now the Fitnex T60 does have many of the features you are going to want in a treadmill to help give you a good workout. Yet for the price of this treadmill, and the fact the company has yet to really make a positive impression in the at home exercise equipment line, you might want to look more into some of our other treadmill reviews to find the best treadmill to fit your needs along with your budget.