Freemotion 770 Interactive Treadmill Review

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Freemotion 770 Interactive

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The Freemotion 770 interactive treadmill is a stable, sturdy, quality, high-end treadmill by Freemotion. It’s the big brother to the Freemotion 750. The features and functions list just keeps going. The 3.5 CHP motor, 350 lbs weight limit, full sized tread belt, 2.5″ rollers, 12MPH speed, and 15% incline make this a fully decked out treadmill as good as you’ll need for any exercise. The 770 Interactive is a solid treadmill and built to provide a lasting workout for years to come. This is a definite competitor among our other treadmill reviews. The warranty is the same as the 750 which is Lifetime Frame Warranty, Lifetime Motor Warranty, 5-Year Parts, and 2- Year Labor Warranty. In addition to iFit Live and all the extras that come with that, the 770 offers 28 workout applications that will assist you in your fitness goals. This really is a nice treadmill to own and is on par with other brand models like NordicTrack or ProForm.

The 770 is a big upgrade over the 750. The 750 has a weaker motor, less programs, does not include iFit Live, does not have the full-color touch screen, and doesn’t have an Android power browser. You may be paying a bit more for the 770, but you definitely get your money’s worth from all the extras that are included. Some similar models from other brands to consider would be the NordicTrack 2150 and the ProForm Pro 4500. Both these models have similar features and specs, but cost a little less. Click here for our NordicTrack Commercial 2150 Review and Click here for our ProForm Pro 4500 Review.


Overall this is a great treadmill to own and has a number of features that works well with the machine. You may want to consider the other two models from NordicTrack and ProForm in your final decision on what treadmill to buy. FreeMotion has been known to make reliable machinery and the 770 is no exception.