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Image 17.5S

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The Image 17.5 Treadmill is the best treadmill value on the market for shoppers on a tight budget. This treadmill has a decent (but narrower than average) 52″ x 18″ belt and a good 2.75-hp motor. It also has a Digital Quick Speed Control up to 10 MPH that lets you instantly change the speed the touch of a button, quick inline that allows you to change it witht the press of a button, 4 preset weight loss programs, and a CoolAire workout fan.

Although you will get a treadmill on the cheap for under $500, you also must expect that you will need to be fixing it more frequently. Some reviewers say they have spent over $1000 dollars just to get it fixed! That’s mostly because it only has a 90 day warrenty on the parts.


It’s a great deal for only $500, but with that being said, you get what you paid for. It might be good at first but expect to be paying for parts when something goes wrong because of the short warranty.