Ironman 1911 Treadmill Review

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Ironman 1911

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This treadmill isn’t of very poor quality, but the price is a little out there for this machine. It’s a small, lighter treadmill in the Ironman lineup. It’s not a bad treadmill but if they lowered the price, it would be better.

The 1911 has a 2.5CHP motor, 20″ X 56″ walking area, and includes 13 workout programs. Also included with this machine is the ability to go from .6-10mph, raise the incline to 12%, and includes heart rate monitors in the grips. This treadmill can also fold up.

If you have $1600 laying around and want to buy an Ironman, then this is probably the treadmill for you. It isn’t a horrible machine, but given its quality, you could probably find a better treadmill for that kind of money.