Lifespan TR3000i Treadmill Reviews

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Lifespan TR3000i Treadmill

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This TR3000i provides convenience and it is easy to use. 20” wide and 56” long running matt is comfortably big enough for most people. A 2 ply belt adds a bit more comfort than you get from some of lifespan’s “compact” models. And, this model comes with 8 variable density elastomers to further support a comfortable jog. The 2.75 HP continuous duty DC motor can move the tread at 12 mph, which is a comfortable running speed for most people. It comes with a cross ventilated motor house that cools even while the machine is running at any speed, this keeps machine running smoothly and quietly. It comes with a great warrantee, like all the other Lifespan products. And, for under $2000 you still get some “High End Perks”, such as a heart rate monitor, and a sturdy running belt that is capable of carrying runners or slow walkers. This is a step up from the TR2000 in quality and capability, and it comes with the “I” feature, which is a great added bonus. This is a great treadmill, reliable, sturdy, and it works for all kinds of runners or walkers. The warrantee that Lifespan offers provides great peace of mind. If there is anything wrong with the frame or motor it is will be replaced, for life. This is a smooth and sturdy machine, and is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for convenience and quality without breaking the bank. However, for more serious athletes different brands may provide more intensive models for just a slight increase in price.