Nautilus T516 Treadmill Review

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Nautilus T516

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With the 3.2 HP heavy duty motor, the large comfortable Softrak Suspension Deck and the incredible 15 MPH max speed, you’ll never need anything with more power than the Nautilus T516.

The 2-panel backlit LCD screens are easy to read, and convenient to use with a range of preset speed and incline buttons to choose from. The top screen displays which program you are currently running, along with a graph to indicate upcoming changes in incline. The bottom screen tracks and shows: Pulse, Calories Burned, Incline, Speed, Pace time, and Distance Run.

There are two sets of handlebars, one on each side along with a bar across the front. The front bar is a bit close to hold while running, it’s easy to step too far forward. But the sidebars take care of that. One big bonus is have controls on the side bars to change my speed and incline.

The fan is fantastic and actually keeps me cool. Also, the running surface is long and very comfortable. This treadmill is heavy duty enough to take a beating.