Nordictrack C1650 Review

Part of NordicTrack’s commercial line, the C 1650 lets you get the most out of your workouts without getting bored. Plenty of built-in workout apps add variety, and the 10-inch web-enabled touchscreen helps you use them to their fullest. Browse the web, keep in touch with friends, and use Google Maps workouts to go anywhere in the world with realistic terrain changes. Do it all while you push yourself with up to 12% incline, 20 x 60-inch tread belt, and a powerful 3.5 continuous horsepower motor.

The C 1650 is a great higher-end treadmill for the fitness guru waiting to emerge from all of us. Best of all, it’s currently on sale for $1,299…$1,000 off the usual price.

Features 9/10

Exterior and interior features set the C 1650 apart from many other treadmills. From its powerful, yet quiet motor to FlexSelect cushioning and space-saving design, this treadmill has a lot to offer even the pickiest of users. You’re sure to keep monotony at bay with the entertainment features, so you’ll be able to push yourself through those longer workouts. Take a look as we review some of the features of the NordicTrack C 1670 treadmill.

Motor Size – As stated, the motor boasts 3.5 CHP. However, it also comes equipped with dual fans for motor cooling, and superior insulation for great reliability without putting out too much noise.

Max Speed – The top speed of the C 1650 is 12mph. Whether you’re a walker, jogger, or competitive runner, you’re sure to find the right speed setting for your level of fitness and overall goals. Speed adjusts with one touch.

Incline/Decline – The C 1650 offers up to 12% in the incline department, but decline is not available. It’s one-touch adjustability adds versatility.

Running Surface – The tread belt of the C 1650 is generous at 60 x 22 inches – 2 inches wider than standard treadmills. If you’re tall or want to extend your stride for a powerful run, this treadmill can keep up with you.

Space-Saving Technology – EasyLift technology is added to the C 1650’s space-saving design, making it easier to fold when you’re not working out. It’s telescoping shock assists any user with the heavy lifting.

Footprint – In use, this treadmill measures 78.3″ L x 35.75″ W x 56.4″ H. Not small…but don’t forget about that handy folding feature.

Weight Capacity – The Commercial 1650 has a user weight capacity of 300 pounds. Some treadmills support up to 350, but 300 is a pretty standard number, and comfortable for most users to feel safe.

Cushioning – NordicTrack’s FlexSelect cushioning system is included, which can greatly reduce the joint shock during your workout. This is especially great for runners, but it can be turned off if you want more of a pavement feel.

When we reviewed the NordicTrack Commercial 1650, we were pretty impressed. The space-saving design, generous tread belt, and cushioned deck make for a comfortable walk or run that’s easy to store when folded. The incline helps you challenge yourself even more, especially at up to 12mph! If comfort and versatility are features you want in a treadmill, the C 1650 could be a great investment for you.

Tech Specs 9/10

Display – The C 1650 comes with a 10-inch web-enabled touchscreen. Keep an eye on all your workout data, browse the web, and use the machine’s iFit capability. No boredom here!

Workout Programs – The C 1650 comes pre-loaded with 34 different workout programs, all designed by trainers. Get maximum burn, heart rate control, incline training and more. Let the machine take you from beginning to end without any extra thought.

Apps – iFit is included with this treadmill (subscription required) to stream workouts and other data right to your treadmill. You can even use Google Maps to walk or run on the world’s most interesting terrain without leaving home.

Bluetooth – Bluetooth is not included on the NordicTrack C 1650.

Heart Rate Monitoring – This treadmill features CardioGrip heart rate sensors for fast and accurate readings just by placing your hands on the handles. The C 1650 is also compatible with wireless chest straps for continuous monitoring.

Individualized Settings – Not available on this machine.

Other Tech Features

  • iPod-compatible sound system – Plug in your iPod and make use of the built-in 2” speakers. Work out to your favorite jam without messing with headphones or ear buds.
  • 1-touch controls for speed and incline provide in-workout adjustments in a flash.
  • AutoBreeze workout fan can automatically adjust to the level of your workout to keep you cool.
  • A built-in tablet holder keeps your device in position, so you can watch movies or TV shows during your workout without worry.

The NordicTrack Commercial 1650 is a stand-out machine full of features. Not only can you get in the best shape ever, but you’ll do so with plenty of workout programs on a huge display. Features like heart-rate monitoring, innovative cushioning and more help you feel comfortable exploring your upper limits. If you’re looking to increase your fitness and eliminate the ho-hum, take a look at the C 1650.

Build Quality 9/10

Warranty – Backing up the quality of the C 1650 is a lifetime frame and motor warranty.

Parts and Service – Making the warranty more attractive, NordicTrack also offers 5-year parts coverage and 2 years of labor with this machine.

Customer Support – Have a question about your treadmill or your workout? NordicTrack fitness consultants are available over the phone or online to help you out.

Return Policy – Want peace of mind? NordicTrack offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. Outstanding.

Manufacturing Location – NordicTrack’s manufacturing facility is located in Logan, Utah where equipment is made by ICON Health and Fitness. ICON also has operations in Asia, Australia, Mexico, Europe, and Brazil.

The NordicTrack C 1650 is definitely a higher-end machine for people looking to get seriously fit, lose weight, and never have to leave home to do it. With the sale price, free delivery, and attractive financing for purchases over $1,000, NordicTrack is making it easier than ever to afford all the features and quality this treadmill has to offer.

Our Bottom Line Review of the NordicTrack Commercial 1650

There is plenty to like about this treadmill and the value it offers. The C 1650 represents a great investment in your health, and with our favorite features, we think it deserves a close look:

  • 10-inch web-enabled display for browsing, information, and fun
  • iFit compatibility
  • iPod-compatibility and with built-in sound system
  • 34 included workout programs
  • FlexSelect cushioned deck
  • Powerful, yet quiet 3.5 CHP motor
  • Space-saving design
  • Generous warranty with parts and labor coverage

We believe the C 1650 is a great buy for the weight-loss and fitness minded user. If you want to get more fit with a number of bells and whistles, this machine can get you there. We love the build quality, features, and overall functionality of this treadmill. Keep in mind that there will be some assembly, so be prepared to get an extra set of hands to help. Also, it’s pretty heavy, so you’ll likely need assistance getting it into position. While there are still fancier treadmills on the market, we think the C 1650 is a great machine to get you in great shape.