Pacemaster Gold Elite Foldup VR Treadmill Review

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Pacemaster Gold Elite Foldup VR

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The Gole Elite Fold-Up VR is a folding treadmill that has all of the same features as the non-folding Gold Elite model. When folded, the Gole Elite Fold-Up VR has a floor size of 28″x#34,” which is comparable to a small computer desk and can easily be tucked away. The price of luxury can be steep however, and this model has a much heavier price tag for the single additional feature.

This treadmill is great for homeowners who are looking for a classy treadmill and are also interested in saving space. The Gold Elite Fold-Up VR has good speed and incline features and can hit speeds of 12 mph and an incline of 15%. Exercisers will have a hard time maxing out with the combination of these two features.


Pacemaster continues to refine and polish their machines, which is great. They also keep inching up their prices, but still you get a quality treadmill for a reasonable cost. Standard PaceMaster treadmill features are all included in this model: TriFlex technology uses everything from a flexible alluminum frame to specilized padding to offer users a comfortable workout.