Pacemaster Gold Elite VR

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Pacemaster Gold Elite VR

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The Gold Elite is an interesting upgrade from the Silver Select XP model. It is interesting because there aren’t many differences between the two models. THe Gold Elite VR justifies the price bump with its expanded running surface, a welcomed improvement for disgruntled tiny-treadmill owners.

Besides the expanded running surface, this treadmill has a wide variety of exercise programs as well as all the features necessary for an exerciser to create a custom workout. In addition, the programming and display have been improved and now showcase a VR, virtual reality workout that is based on the actual distance and speed of the workout.

The past few years many changes have been being made to improve the reliability of these treadmills. Which is significant because they’ve already been well known for their reliability. The price jump has tarnished some of its shine, but other than that, it’s a great treadmill.