Pacemaster Platinum Pro VR Treadmill Review

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Pacemaster Platinum Pro VR

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The platinum Pro VR is the ultimate PaceMaster model. This treadmill features their TriFlex system to keep your running comfortable as well as a generous warenty (Lifetime frame, 12 years on the motor, and 5 years on all parts). Despite this, the biggest benefit is the virtual reality programing.

The virtual reality programming that this treadmill features is head and shoulders above other industry attempts. Pacemaster’s VR programing changes your progress through the hills and declines depending on your running speed. Also, the Effort Compensation Mode slightly decreases running speed on hills to maintain constant exertion while working different muscle groups. Learn more about the VR programing by reading here on page 40.


This Pacemaster is definitely worthy of the extra $200 you’ll pay for this one. The wider deck is a great bonus, plus you won’t have any more problems with the old deck failures.