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Proform 590T

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Who needs a personal Trainer when you’ve got a Proform 590 T? With a powerful Mach Z 2.25 CHP motor, and a 0-10 MPH speed range, you can run to your heart’s content. The built in personal trainer will help you push yourself to new levels with automatic incline and speed adjustments to replicate the feeling of running in the real world. The quality speaker system and ipod plugin allow you to run to whatever kind of music that keeps you going. Just a beautiful treadmill with the personal trainer feature mixed in that coaches you along verbally as the program progresses. Feature-wise, ProForm is head and shoulders above the rest.

As far as specifications go, the 590T has some pros and cons. The motor is a bit smaller than we would prefer, but it does have impressive strength and power for its size. The weight capacity is rated at 300 lbs, which is a decent strength and should handle all average size runners without having any problems with bogging or cracking. The deck is an almost-full sized 20″ x 55″ belt, which is enough for most runners, but really tall runners may want it a little longer. Other features include EKG Heart Rate Monitor Grips, a 6″ backlit screen display, 16 workout applications, and folding capability to save you space in whatever room you store the treadmill.


This model is a bit outdated now and you can find more up to date treadmills for a similar price. The Performance 400 is a good alternative if you’re still wanting a ProForm model. When you compare the two you will find that there really isn’t too much of a difference between these two machines. One thing to note is that because this model is a little older, it also comes $30 dollars cheaper.