ProForm Performance 300 Treadmill Review

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ProForm Performance 300

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The ProForm Performance 300 is the entry level treadmill offered in the Performance Series. The Performance Series is a great place to be looking for treadmills, because, well, they perform well. Keep in mind that the Performance 300 is one of the lower end treadmills that ProForm offers, though, so you can’t really expect to be too impressed by it. It is a great treadmill for any first time buyers, or anyone that wants to get a good, mild workout in.

The features are not too impressive on this machine, but they are decent considering that it is an entry-level treadmill. The Performance 300 comes equipped with an innovative ProShox™ Cushioning system that is designed to keep your joints protected while you run. This treadmill was built with an elegant SpaceSaver® Design, so you can fold it up and save space while its not in use. Last, but not least, the 300 has a large LCD window that displays your workout stats in realtime.

The Performance 300 has some pretty basic specs because of its low price. It comes with a decent 2.75 HP motor, a 18″ x 50″ tread belt, and an incline of 0-10%. This treadmill isn’t meant to support hardcore training, that’s why the max speed is only 10 mph and the weight capacity is a light 300 lbs. The motor is just not strong enough to take that much endurance. This is to be expected from an entry level treadmill, though.


The ProForm Performance 300 has many pros and cons. The pros are that is very affordable, it is great for first time buyers, and it will save space in your home. The cons are the lower end specs that will not support all user weights and not all types of exercise. I wouldn’t recommend this machine to taller or heavier users, or anyone looking to train a lot. It is perfect for the first time buyer, in a budget, looking to get in a few, light workouts a week.