ProForm Performance 400c Treadmill Review

Proform Performance 400c

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The proform 400c offers an extremely affordable price tag. This machine is brand new for the year 2013, however, this does not necessarily mean that it’s a great buy. The Performance 400c is a basic treadmill that will not be comfortable for all users. If you’ve never owned a treadmill before, or if you’re a beginner for treadmill running, then this may be a good bargain for you. However, anyone beyond this level would most likely be disappointed with this model, because it is so basic.

The features, for example, are very basic compared to other treadmills. There are enough features to keep a first time user satisfied, but more advanced users might get bored with these features. At the same time, though, considering the significantly low price for this machine, the features are pretty decent. You will get 18 workout apps and a workout fan. Also, this treadmill is iFit Compatible, however, the multi-window LED display may not present iFit as well as some of the higher end machines. One great thing about this treadmill is the fold up design. The machine is cheap, smaller, and folds up, which would be perfect for people living in small homes or apartments.

The specifications are where the “low price” shows up the most. The reason you are getting the machine for so cheap is because the specs are extremely base line. There is only a 2.25 CHP motor and a 300 lb weight capacity. Already, that cuts out many users that would not be able to work out on this machine. When you have a motor this small, you have to be extremely cautious of over usage. This machine would be great for a smaller user that would only use it 2-3 times per week. Even that might be pushing it. Since this machine is so baseline, it may only handle walking and light jogging.

The ProForm Performance 400 and the ProForm Performance 400c are pretty similar in value and price. The older model is of course cheaper now, but it actually seems to have more features. They are not significant features, though, and the 400c actually has more workout apps, which is always a better option. The upgraded model has the exact same specs as the older model.


Overall, the Performance 400c is not the best bargain on the market, but it would be sufficient enough for beginners. The features are pretty basic, but decent for the low price. The poor specifications reflect the low price of the machine, which should be expected. There has not been much upgrade from the older Performance 400 to the new Performance 400c, but it is still brand new, which always helps. I’d only recommend this treadmill for smaller, lightweight, or beginning users.