ProForm Performance 600c Treadmill Review

Proform Performance 600c

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The ProForm Performance 600c is just a step up from the Performance 400c. It is also an improvement of the previous Performance 600. The price tag remains surprisingly low, though. You are getting pretty decent features and specs for this price. First of all, this is a space saving treadmill, meaning it can be folded up and stored away if you are not using it. This is always a convenient feature, especially when space is an issue. The warranty on this machine is great considering how cheap it is! You will have a lifetime warranty on the frame & motor, 2 years for the parts, and 1 year for the labor. This is a pretty solid protection for a cheap priced treadmill.

The features are pretty decent considering the low price of the 600c. There are 22 workout applications on this machine that are designed by a certified trainer. It also comes with handy features such as a Dual-Grip EKG™ heart rate monitor, a compatible iFit Console, a 6″ backlit display, a CoolAire™ workout fan, and a music port for iPod®. Another feature that is beneficial for the user is the ProShox™ Cushioning system that will reduce the impact on your joints by 28%! These are all great features that can be found on higher priced machines.

The specs are good, but pretty basic and simple. You will find these kind of specs on any entry level treadmill, which means it may not satisfy a more advanced user. This also means that it most likely will not satisfy taller or larger users. The motor is a small 2.75 CHP Commercial motor, which is not very powerful at all, but it will suffice for some people. There is an incline option for this machine of 12%, which will challenge your workouts a bit more. The tread belt is a pretty decent size of 20″ x 60″, which is pretty standard. The weight capacity is only 325 lbs. All of these specs are pretty base-line and they may not satisfy many people, but again, it will work for some people.

There are not a whole lot of differences or advancements from the older Performance 600 to the new Performance 600c. There was a slight increase in tread belt length, which is nice, and a few workout apps added. The extra 6 apps can make a huge difference in your workouts and it is definitely a nice improvement. The newer 600c is also priced lower than the previous model.


Overall, the new 2014 Performance 600c is a decent little fold up treadmill. It is pretty basic in its specs, which may affect some user’s experience. This is an entry-level treadmill, meaning it is mainly for beginners and smaller users. The features are pretty good for the low price, so you will get your money’s worth there. There were a few improvements added to this machine and it is a great addition to the ProForm family.