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Proform Performance 900

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The Performance 900 has a powerful motor, a fairly large tread belt, a 350 lb capacity, and a great warranty. In its series it sits just under the performance 1450, with a very fair price. A 3.0 motor gives you the power and strength you’ll need to get yourself into shape. The motor is quiet and sturdy, the frame is strong and doesn’t shake or rattle, and the deck has good cushioning for your joints. If you are buying this for your entire family and expect it to be used and abused a lot, you may want to consider a heavier unit like the Performance 1450

When it comes to features Proform always comes through, and the Performance 900 is no exception. This treadmill has 20 built in workouts that will keep variety to your workouts. The iFit Live compatibility will help you keep track of everything you do and reach your goals. The easy lift assist with the self locking latch is very convenient for when you need to make some extra room. The music port and built in speakers help keep you entertained while you run as well.

The Performance 900 lacks a couple of things that the ProForm Performance 1450 has. One major thing would be that the 1450 comes immediately with iFit Live, whereas the 900 has to be outfitted with iFit Live for an extra cost. The 1450 also has a 10″ full color touch screen powered by Android, which makes iFit Live a lot more useful to have.


If you’re not much into iFit Live and don’t mind a slightly less powerful motor, then the Performance 900 would be a good deal. The 900 offers a good reliable treadmill without the added expense of iFit and touch screens. The price difference between the 900 and the 1450 is fairly substantial (net difference of $500) which could very well make the Performance 900 a really good value.