ProForm Power 995 i

Proform Power 995i

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The ProForm Power 995i is brand new treadmill for the year 2014. Currently, this treadmill falls under the entry level treadmill market with its low, affordable price. Although it is an entry level machine, we have found quite a few notable specs and features on this machine that make it a great buy. The Power 995i would not be the best suit for serious athletes or trainers as higher end machines would be better suited. But recreational runners will love this treadmill.

The 995i comes with good specs such as the 3.0 CHP and a 350 lb. user weight capacity. This means this machine will not accommodate all types of users, but will work for most. It is a great model for beginner or casual runner’s but serious athletes may want to upgrade. The 995i is a perfect choice for most users though.

For being such a low-priced treadmill, the 995i has some pretty outstanding features that you would find in a higher priced treadmill. This treadmill comes with an innovative SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist, making it easy to store in your home or apartment while not taking up all the space that a large treadmill would. This revolutionary system makes it extremely easy to lift and fold vertically. Some other notable features are the 15% Quick Incline™ Control, the Grip Pulse EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor, the CoolAire™ Workout Fan, the ProShox™ Cushioning system, and best of all the 30 built-in workout apps.


Overall, the 2014 Power 995 i is an extremely affordable and impressive treadmill for its price range. It is one of the better entry level treadmills I have seen thus far. I’m sure the low price tag won’t last long, so if this model suits you, I recommend jumping right on that offer, especially when you can save an additional $50 with our coupon. The 995 i is a pretty basic and simple treadmill, so if you are looking for an abudance of cool features and apps, I’d look elsewhere. This model is mostly built for beginner runner’s, not advanced athletes and trainers.