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Proform Power 995

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The ProForm Power 995 treadmill is a very impressive model by Proform, and one of the highest sellers in the market for the low price range. It includes a powerful 3.00 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Plus Motor, comfortable ProShox Elite 2™ Cushioning and an extra-long 20″ x 60″ tread belt, among other great features. Like all new ProForm treadmills it is compatible with iFit live so you can get the best workout possible. The ability to race others live on the Internet and the touch screen make you forget you’re sweating. This beautiful unit has a lot of great features that make it really quite impressive.

When you’re looking for treadmills in the sub $1000s you’ll see a lot of skin and bones treadmills without features or strength. The Power 995 is different in that respect. Proform has given this treadmill 20 built in workouts, a fully functional heart rate monitor, a workout fan, Nike + iPod Compatibility, built in speakers with a music port, a multi-window display, and more. Not to mention the 350 lb weight capacity, suggesting the internal strength of the machine. In this price range, this treadmill stands out noticeably.

The Power 995 is an upgrade from the ProForm Power 795 for only $200 more. The 995 has a much more powerful 3.0 CHP compared to the 795’s 2.5 CHP. The tread belt on the 795 is only 20″ x 56″ and its deck can only increase up to 12%. Both these specs are improved on in the 995 and the price difference is definitely worth it. The ProForm Power 1080 on the other hand is only slightly better performance wise. The price difference between the Power 995 and the 1080 is a whopping $1,500. The only reason for this is an increase of features and the addition of the iFit Live program on the 1080.


ProForm has a lot of good treadmills to offer and this one is definitely one of the better ones. Make sure to look at more of our treadmill reviews to find the best treadmill for your. The 995 has all the essential features to make for a good workout and a fairly strong motor to keep it all moving. If you’re thinking about getting a good, quality standard treadmill with an assortment of features look into buying the Power 995.