ProForm Power 995c Treadmill Review

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Proform Power 995c

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The brand new Proform Power 995c treadmill has many features and specs to offer that make it stand out from the rest of the ProForm lineup. This treadmill was actually voted a best buy from the Treadmill Doctor. Overall, the specs and features seem to pretty appealing for the seemingly affordable price tag. This treadmill is a great entry level fold-up treadmill that offers decent features, which make it a valuable buy.

As far as the features go, this treadmill offers 30 workout apps that are designed by a personal fitness trainer that will get you results quickly. Some of the other major features on this treadmill are the 7″ over sized backlit display screen, a CoolAire™ workout fan, iFit® compatibility, compatible music for iPod®, and the ProShox™ deck cushioning system. All of these features are designed to give the user an enjoyable and comfortable workout experience.

The specifications on this machine are pretty basic, but they will get the job done. The 3.0 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Motor will offer a powerful performance and accommodate light to medium usage. Their is an incline option of 15%, which will make the workout a little more diverse. The tread belt on this machine is actually really great. It has a non-strech 20″ x 60″ commercial tread belt, which is found on higher priced treadmills. The user weight capacity on this machine is 350 lbs. Overall, this machine will accommodate most users. I’d say slightly heavier or taller users may feel uncomfortable on this machine, but it may get the job done.

There is not much difference between the ProForm 995 and the ProForm 995c. In fact, they are almost exactly the same. However, the 995c is, of course, a brand new model, meaning it will have a little bit more technology and it will most likely be more reliable. The price tags are almost the exact same, however, the extra features you will get with the 995c makes the extra bucks worth it. You will receive more workout applications and a larger weight capacity, meaning the machine is a little more durable. The 995c also added the 7″ oversized backlit display, which makes monitoring your stats a whole lot easier!


The 2013 ProForm Power 995c is a great value and it will satisfy the user’s needs. It is definitely a simple, yet elegant treadmill. It should withstand some light to medium usage. If you plan on using this thing for hours of running a day, I’d say look somewhere else. This is just an entry level treadmill that will get you by and achieve some of your workout goals. As I mentioned before, heavier users may feel uncomfortable on this machine. The tread belt is pretty large, though, so taller users may feel alright with this machine. Overall, this machine is a great buy and even Treadmill Doctor thinks so. It has all the bells and whistles you will need to achieve a decent workout, and the warranty on this machine is great!