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Reebok V 8.90

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The V 8.90 uses DMX Zone™ Cushioning and has a 20″x 55″ running tread belt. This machine has all the usual treadmill features such as SpaceSaver® Design, Dual-Grip AccuRate™ Heart Rate Monitor, Compatible Music Port for iPod®, Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0, and 14 Quick™ Calorie-Burn Workouts. The V 8.90 also has a Blue-Backlit LCD with iFit® Workout Card Technology. Make sure not to confuse the iFit “Card” Technology with the actual iFit Live program.

The iFit “card” program is fairly outdated now and pales in comparison to the new iFit Live program. The dimensions of this machine are rather small, which can be a good feature if you’re at all concerned about saving space. The measurements are 70.0″ L X 34.0″ W X 59.5″ H. The V8.90 is decent value wise, but the Reebok Competitor RT 8.0 is a much better deal. For more reviews click here.