Sole S73 Treadmill Review

Sole S73

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The Sole S73 right in the middle of the line-up. It is a great looking treadmill that has been tweaked to the point that it makes an excellent value choice in the treadmill world. Sole only seems to be getting better with age. The Sole S73 is a solid machine with a 3.0 HP motor. The quality motor has an extra large diameter, steel zinc coated & perfectly balanced flywheel to keep it at zero vibration. Keep in mind that this treadmill does not fold-up, which although does not allow you to save some space, allows you to have a more durable and less shaky treadmill.

This treadmill won’t shake or jiggle while you run. With all this stability it still offers a quality cushioning system to keep your hips and joints happy no matter how far you go. A good plus to this model is that it comes with heart rate grips and wireless chest strap heart rate monitor. The wireless strap provides a much more accurate heart rate reading. For all this and much more, the price is exceptionally low. It isn’t too flashy, but it’s been a trusty machine for over 4 years now. We do expect that streak to continue. You can use our coupons for a free discount.

The S73 is cheaper than the S77 by a good $200 dollars. The S77 upgrades a few specs like its tread belt which is 22″ x 60″, its motor which is 3.5 CHP, and its weight capacity which is 400 lbs. The price difference between the two is quite fair considering the improved specs. One thing to note as well, is that the S77’s deck is a little larger than the S73 and weighs about 30 lbs more.

The Sole F83 treadmill from a different series is also a good contender against the S73. The F83 is priced exactly the same, has almost all the same specs, but has two big differences. The F83 has a slightly better 3.25 CHP motor and has a folding deck instead of the S73’s non-folding deck. The folding deck can be a good or bad thing. On one end you can save space, but on the other end the treadmill loses a little bit of its durability. The F83 does make up for the lack of durability with the slightly more powerful motor so the choice is more of a matter of preference.


The S73 is a great deal with its specs and price. If you do want a higher powered motor and maybe a little bit more running room, then the S77 has you covered as well. If you prefer a treadmill that can fold up and save some space in your room, take a look at the F83 and its series. All these machines do a very good job for workouts and are great quality treadmills.