ST Fitness 4920 Treadmill Review

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St Fitness 4920

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At this price the ST Fitness 4920 doesn’t stand up other brands. If you go to a dealer make sure ask for a major discount if you’re set on buying this. We will say that the style of these ST. Fitness machines is pretty sleek looking. The specs however are just not up to par. The tread belt length is disappointing, because it’s not even the full standard. It only measures out to 20″ x 56″. The motor for the 4920 is a 3.0 continuous duty dc version and is actually a great improvement over the 4910’s motor. You can actually run pretty well on this upgraded version. The incline for this model is 12%, the max speed is 12 mph, and the weight capacity is 300 lbs. The suspension/cushioning system is not really effective and pales in comprison to Star Trac and NordicTrack.