ST Fitness 4930 Treadmill Review

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St Fitness 4930

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The competition will drown out this treadmill. If you buy this it means you had a great salesman talking to you. If your heart is set on it, make sure to get a huge discount. The price of this model is in one of the most competitive ranges of this market. You can get a lot out of $2,000 when looking for a treadmill, and the 4930 just does not offer enough. The motor is one of the best aspects of this model and has a continuous horsepower of 3.5. The tread belt length is a standard sized of 20″ x 60″. The one thing that ST. Fitness really lacks is a good cushioning system for their decks. The incline can go up to 12%, the max speed is 12 mph, and the weight capacity is 350 lbs.

The specs so far are somewhat comparible (although models are starting to have bigger tread belts), but what makes the ST. Fitness treadmills not worth while are the console features. There is no real interactivity or entertainment value that is included in other models. There are 13 workout programs that can coordinate with the heart rate monitors to adjust specific settings, but other than that there is not much else. You can find ProForm or NordicTrack models that have both a full color touch screen browser and iFit Live included for a cheaper price than what this treadmill is priced at.