ST Fitness 8940 Treadmill Review

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St Fitness 8940

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We wouldn’t recommend the ST Fitness 8940 unless you can find a big discount. It just isn’t worth that price for the quality you’re getting. The only difference this model has over the earlier ones is a couple more workout programs. This is definitely not a good idea. There is absolutely no reason to get a model from this company over the other big names of the treadmill business. Look into NordicTrack, ProForm, Smooth, Sole, LiveStrong, or even FreeMotion if you’re looking for a quality treadmill with much more to offer. FreeMotion is actually a really good company to consider.

They can be pricey like St Fitness, but you actually get what you pay for. The FreeMotion i7.9 Incline Trainer for instance offers 5.0 HP and a 22″ x 60″ tread belt for nearly the same price. Not only that, but you get 34 workout programs, iFit Live, touch screen interactivity, 30% incline, and a internet browser powered by Android.