Star Trac E-TRi Treadmill Review

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Star Trac E-TRi

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The Star Trac E-TRi is one of the older models, and still one of the most preferred. This is a beautifully made machine made for Superman. If you can find this on sale, it’s an awesome deal. The 5.0 hp ac motor powers the 20″ x 60″ tread belt smoothly and has its parts covered by a warranty for 5 years. Star Trac uses a special deck cushion system called Soft Trac. This system is actually one of the best ones out there and does a great job of reducing the impact on your joints from running. This model can incline up to 15% which is good, but some of the other models from Star Trac can go up tp 20%.

Incline is actually an important value to consider when buying a treadmill. The amount of incline you have set on your treadmill during your workout multiplies the amount of calories you burn. You can get an amazing, intense workout by setting a higher incline. There are 12 workout programs that you can set your E-TRi to and some of those programs will work in union with the heart rate monitors to help you maintain a constant elevated heart rate. The TV addition is a nice add on, but with a price so high as this model, you would rather have bought it separately then pay so much more.