Steelflex XT 2700 Treadmill Review

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Steelflex XT 2700

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The Steelflex XT 2700 is manufactured in the UK and comes with decent quality, but not very competitive specs or features. The motor used is a 2.0 HP Continuous Duty, just a tad underpowered to similarly priced models. The tread belt length measures out to 18″ x 52″. The combination of low motor power and shorter tread belt make this treadmill not so practical for jogging or running.

Walking or light jogging would be possible on this model, but you can find better specs in similarly priced NordicTrack or ProForm models. The XT 2700 uses a SDS cushion system which does a pretty good job at reducing impact and making your walk comfortable. The deck is capable of inclining up to 12%, the max speed is set at 10 mph, and the weight capacity is 220 lbs.


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