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The True PS100 is the cheapest treadmill in the PS series. This machine uses a 3.0 HP DC motor and has great stability from its heavy gauge steel parts. The problem with the motor to look out for is that HP (horsepower) is not the same as CHP (continuous horsepower). The difference between HP and CHP is that CHP is a continuous output of horsepower and as a result is a more accurate reading of the true horsepower. So this means that the True PS100 could have a 3.0 CHP or it could mean that it has something a little as 2.0 CHP. If you consider the price of this treadmill, not knowing what size the motor is a problem.

At any rate, the tread belt length is 22″ x 60″, which is a good length for any treadmill. The maximum weight for this model is 350 lbs, the max incline is 15%, and the max speed is 12 mph. The console for the PS100 has a couple of good features that are included with it. The console comes with a wireless heart rate monitor which is able to give a more accurate heart rate measurement than the traditional grip monitors. The LCD 7″ single window displays your normal stats like time, distance, heart rate, incline, speed, calories, and more. There are also 8 workout programs that you can use to stay on track.


The PS100 is a well built, quality treadmill that has some good features going for it. The only real problem with this model is that it is very expensive for what it has. You can find cheaper models that have similar specs and functionality.