Woodway Curve Treadmill Review

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Woodway Curve

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The Woodway Curve is quite innovative as its power source for the motion comes from you only. It uses no electricity or motor. The running surface is considerably longer than most treadmills and has a state of the art cushioning system to help keep your posture balanced while running. It has the deck is almost completely frictionless, and you can barely hear a noise from it while you run. The innovative design in Woodway’s treadmills are quite impressive.

The curved deck allows you full control on your speed and makes moving the tread belt a tad easier. The tread belt length is a little shorter than the other Woodway models measuring at 17″ x 67″. Since this model does not use a motor or and sort of electricity, its longevity is considerably longer than most other treadmills. The 60 rubber slats in the belt help it to glide like ice across the curved surface. This is a perfect option for those wishing to save on electricity, or go green. It is a bit more of a work out than traditional powered treadmills.